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Blondie and Bear  by  A. Cross

Blondie and Bear by A. Cross
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Bear comes home to discover a sexy blonde intruder in his cabin. She soon finds herself naked, bound to the kitchen table and at the horny lumberjacks mercy. She doesnt mind - except when he decides to introduce a pot of hot porridge into theMoreBear comes home to discover a sexy blonde intruder in his cabin. She soon finds herself naked, bound to the kitchen table and at the horny lumberjacks mercy.

She doesnt mind - except when he decides to introduce a pot of hot porridge into the equation. What has she gotten herself into?Warning: This ~4500 word story is for adults only. Contains oral sex, spanking, clit punishment, food play, bondage and ass play.Excerpt:Bear grabbed Blondie and made short work of her bra, stripping her completely naked. Her tits were large but perky, topped with pert, pink nipples that just begged to be fondled. Reaching down, he brazenly groped the young woman’s jiggling globes, taking time to tweak her tender nubs into hard little peaks. Blondie purred and arched her back, pushing her tits out as though offering them to him.

“You call this punishment?” she asked as he rolled her nipples between his fingers, gently tugging on them.“You haven’t seen anything yet, Missy,” he assured her. Then, without warning, he sat down at the kitchen table and pulled her over his lap.

Facedown with her delectable ass sticking out, there was little Blondie could do but squirm and complain. Bear captured her wrists behind her back in one of his hands. His legs were pressed against hers, making it impossible for her to move much. Without warning, a hand came crashing down on her ass cheek, causing her to shriek in surprise.Blondie was quite the sight to behold.

Her delicate, fair skin absorbed the blows beautifully, causing her shapely ass to turn an enticing shade of pink almost immediately. She writhed around with each blow, causing her reddening ass cheeks to jiggle and gyrate seductively. “Is that the best you’ve got?” she panted after he’d spanked her slowly, deliberately, for a good five minutes.

That sounded like a challenge if Bear had ever heard one.Looking around for inspiration, Bear grabbed the large wooden spoon Blondie had used to make the porridge. He brought it down forcefully on the mouthy young woman’s already tenderized ass. She yelped and wiggled, but Bear could feel her pussy juice leaking onto her leg.

She was obviously enjoying the corporal punishment. In fact, she continued to spur him on with taunting remarks. When she informed him that he hit like a girl, he pulled her to her feet and stood up.“What are you looking for?’ she asked with interest as he rummaged through a nearby cupboard.“This.” Bear turned around and showed her a roll of twine he’d pulled from his toolbox. “If you want me to teach you a lesson, I’ll teach you a lesson.”

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